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Some common questions we've noted

If you are a small retailer with 2-10 locations with an older e-commerce system or built an e-commerce store on your own and are looking to take it to the next level, you would be a great fit for our build package. To get started, click here. Our smart wizard, Vebby, will take you through some logical questions to help broadly define your need. Your answers will provide us with a high-level view of the scope. This should take about 10 minutes.

Once done, a Vebsto account manager will connect with you to review and thoroughly define the scope before presenting you with a final quote. This process can be as quick as 2 business days!

However, if you’re not looking to build your entire store and need some help to run or fix your store, our ongoing priority support packages may be a good fit for your business. The Ongoing Monthly Support subscription package gives you credits at a preferential price that is up to 35% lower than our Need-based Support pricing. The credits do not expire until you use them and are carried forward to the following month.

Tasks that need up to one hour of effort require one credit; some tasks require more time and, therefore, more than one credit.

All task support is managed via email with your dedicated account manager to keep it efficient and transparent. Once you check out, your account manager will be in touch within 1 business day to introduce themselves, get to know some of your e-commerce paint points and answer any queries you may have. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect communications from your account manager within 1-2 business days of submitting your request.

Our ongoing priority support packages are to help e-commerce store with miscellaneous tasks. We are constantly expanding our predefined task offerings to make it easier for our clients to get an instant cost per task. For tasks that we have yet to define, our team takes time to evaluate your task and provide an estimate that you must approve before we commence your task. One credit will provide you with a maximum of 1 hour of work from our e-commerce experts (this includes back and forth communications).

The credit cost of your task will be deducted from your monthly credits. At Vebsto, we are agnostic to which platform your e-commerce store is developed on and can support your store, regardless of technology. However, sometimes technology can be complicated... that is where your account manager will come in to provide recommendations on your monthly amount of credits based on the complexity of your store (it is at Vebsto's sole discretion to accept requested tasks, and we reserve the right to refuse any tasks).

Yes, we can. You can queue up your tasks with the help of your account manager and your support email channel. However, we work on one task at a time, per store, per the listed turnaround period, including the time it takes to revise any comments or feedback we receive. Purchasing tasks or subscribing to a plan and consistently submitting lists of tasks, after our requests to revise submissions, or unnecessarily taking time away from our developers for reasons apart from our 1 hour request, may require that we end your service.

This means we will provide evelopment upates every 2 business days. you can expect your account maanger to reply to yor queries or tasks within 1-2 business days. It often takes additional time for revisions, fixes, or unforeseen changes to the task. We always try hard to over-deliver on turnaround times. However, we will certainly keep you in the loop to ensure you know what’s going on in your e-commerce store. 

If you purchase task credits and your initial task is refused, you can use your credit on another task or receive a full refund of your purchase price. If you have used your task credit, then no refunds can be provided.

Vebsto’s team is the very same that has delivered on many national and international projects at Tidal Marketing. Our in-house team can nimbly flex to your requirements, which is one of the greatest differentiating factors when working with Vebsto. Your account managers will help you define tasks and guide you on what your e-commerce store requires (based on your unique needs). If you would like to learn more about our origins and reason to exist, check out our about uspage. 

Your account manager will help adjust your credit levels based on your monthly usage of tasks. If you do not use all credits, they will be added to the next month. If your account manager consistently sees that your business is using fewer credits every month, they have the authority to move your business to a smaller package of credits to ensure you’re getting the most value with your experience at Vebsto. However, Vebsto will never move you up to a larger credit package without your explicit approval.

Feel free to email our customer support center for any questions: